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Our stay at Michael’s Sukanya Guest House in Pattaya, Thailand: fantastic top floor apartment for a family

A little intro before I start telling about Sukanya Guest House.

Arriving in Pattaya from Bangkok we had pre-arranged through Airbnb a condo in a complex near the beach. After staying in our box sized room for two days with little or no conveniences for a family, we knew finding new accommodatiom was a priority and I set out roaming the local side roads to the beach walk known here as soi’s.

After a long day searching for a convenient place and price to suit us, I was left wanting still and was returning to our condo. Only two hundred metres away from home I saw Micheal sitting out the front of his place – Sukanya Guest House.I approached him and was pleasantly surprised.

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Powers Lookout

Powers Lookout , North East Victoria, Australia


Part of the well known Victorian wine trail, the road that will get you here runs through Whitfield. It also takes you through some of the surrounding small country towns and the well known King Valley, depending which way you arrive.

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