Beach 7 Condo in Pattaya: Pretty on the pictures, but not what we expected

Studio 608, Mountain Beach 7 Condo, Pattaya, Thailand.

This was our first let down in our travels so far. We booked this place on Air BnB and realised it had no reviews when we booked. It was listed by a Russian guy working for a real estate with plenty of other good reviews on his properties, so we took it on faith the listing would be accurate. The listing sounded great and seemed it would suit our needs until we got our bearings in Pattaya. Listed as a family room to suit 4 guests at $27 AUD per night for a near new condo. The listing read as including T.V., cable T.V., Aircon, Pool, Kitchen, Free Parking, Elevator, Buzzer/wireless intercom, Family/kid friendly and including essentials. Upon completing our booking we were charged over $210 AUD over $20 dollars more than the booking price listed due to I assume Air BnB fees or service charges.

On arrival at Beach 7 Condo after a long trip a shower some food and a relax was all we had planned. Vlad met us at the property half an hour after we arrived to give us a key and take us to the room. We quickly realised that the construction at the front of the building was our pool, still just a hole in the ground with not even concrete poured yet. We were disappointed but only a short walk from the beach so we didn’t mind too much. In the half an hour we waited for Vlad we met the doorman, who I have to say was super polite. Although he struggled with English we managed to explain our need for Wi-Fi, which he graciously organised for us and paid for himself until we reimbursed him. On arrival to our room we immediately loved the bright colours, new linen provided and bunks for the kids.

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The kitchen looked tidy and the fridge was brand new. The T.V. however was tiny and so old. Vlad walked us in and filled in our receipt and explained water and electricity would be charged as extras at 17 Thai Baht per unit and a final cleaning fee of over 1500 Baht also applied. Then he asked us for a 5000 Thai Baht security deposit which was totally unexpected and not at that stage listed on the Air BnB site. I didn’t pay it and told him I didn’t have the money on me, as I wasn’t sure wether all the extras were what they should be. Vlad agreed to contact us the next two days regarding the deposit. After he left and we really explored the place I’m glad I didn’t hand it over. First of all, in Thailand water and electricity are only a few Baht per unit. we were being charged more than triple the actual cost!! Our T.V not only didn’t get any channels and we were promised cable T.V. which in Thailand has over 80 channels but was so old that when Vlad finally organised and installed it four days later the noise and reception was terrible. The aircon was not perfectly located and you had to blast cold air over the main bed to cool the rest of the room. With only beds for furniture this made it uncomfortable. The kitchen was basically non-existent, it was there just empty. The toaster oven the only appliance there didn’t work and the plug didn’t even fit Thailand power points, in fact neither did the T.V. so we had to buy adaptors just to find this out.


3The view from the balcony was great we just had to take it in turns to look, it was standing room for one or two only. After a glimpse of the awesome view, you could see an amazing view. It was time to freshen up, so I headed to the shower with the kids to get them started. The shower hose was broken at the connection to the water heater and everything in the bathroom except the kids got drenched. I messaged Vlad straight away and was told it would be three days before he could fix it. Unimpressed to say the least we moved on and decided to just get dinner done and go for a eau natural bath in the ocean.

4 5There our biggest let down occurred. There were two stained plates, one stained bowl, two of each piece of cutlery that were filthy. The one pot that was there was so filthy it was un-usable and un-cleanable (I tried) and surprise, surprise there was no hotplate or induction cooker to use it on anyway. We packed our food away and messaged Vlad for the third time in our first day and headed out for dinner as our only option. To be honest we were glad to get out and re-group our thoughts. I was absolutely devastated as this was only our first stop of many, on our long planned journey in Thailand. We heard back from Vlad again regarding the faults in the condo and again were told it would be three days till he could address our issues. Three days later he did arrive early enough with the cable guys to install the cable we spent a weekend without. We had to wait for an hour or two for them to finish. Then Vlad repaired the shower hose with one from another condo. He also got us a microwave and toaster oven from one of his other condo’s. An hour later a lady arrived with a bag full of cups, bowls and cutlery. She then informed they were all used and still dirty and that I would have to clean them. Vlad still reminded me the security deposit was due and I blatantly refused. After he left I put the new dirty supplies in the sink, told the kids and Olesya to shower. I made it my mission to have us in better accommodation as soon as possible, so walked the surrounding lanes known here as soi’s and within a few hours I felt I had found our blessing. Within an hour we were out of the condo and messaged Vlad to inform him of our vacating. After my wife who speaks fluent Russian rang and spoke to him in his native tongue to air our disappointment and issues and our reasons for leaving we parted ways. We had pre-paid for a week and only stayed there four. Not travelling on an open credit line just our family budget this would seem like an unwise move but we more than gained what we lost and plenty of extra comfort at our new lodgings check the review for Sukanya Guest House located only 100 metres down the road and I might add 100 metres closer to the beach. All in all the next people to stay here will be more comfortable as we resolved all the issues with the place before we left, however we have to rate the place on our personal experience. Beach 7 Condo gets one point for location and one point for him resolving the issues but scores a dismal 2/10 for us.

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