Our stay at Michael’s Sukanya Guest House in Pattaya, Thailand: fantastic top floor apartment for a family

A little intro before I start telling about Sukanya Guest House.

Arriving¬†in Pattaya from Bangkok we had pre-arranged through Airbnb a condo in a complex near the beach. After staying in our box sized room for two days with little or no conveniences for a family, we knew finding new accommodatiom was a priority and I set out roaming the local side roads to the beach walk known here as soi’s.

After a long day searching for a convenient place and price to suit us, I was left wanting still and was returning to our condo. Only two hundred metres away from home I saw Micheal sitting out the front of his place – Sukanya Guest House.I approached him and was pleasantly surprised.

In perfect english (he is from the UK) he happily offered to show me his rooms. Let me point out none of these are just rooms. Each consisted of an entire floor of his four level building.

I was definitely surprised on each level, all floors were spacious and well appointed with almost brand new furniture and conveniences. Micheal informed me the rooms had all just been finished and available to rent only in the last few days. Any one of the levels would have suited us perfectly. I was more than eager to head downstairs and discuss terms and only hoped the place would fit our budget.

It had seemed so far everywhere I enquired was still charging a premium even though July is considered their low season. I was hopeful but honestly not expecting a place so large to be in our budget as plenty of smaller and not as well appointed places hadn’t been.

I discussed with Micheal his daily rate and thought it reasonable. I won’t quote it here as it will change with the seasons. When i asked about the weekly rate I was even more pleasantly surprised. So I informed him our stay was for a month and for the right rate we would love to call the top floor home. He nearly shocked me and told me 12,000 baht would be his price, this was not just in our budget but well below it and I instantly though of the extra spending money. (who doesn’t want a little extra play money right?) The conversion at the time meant we would only pay $115 Aus dollars per week or $460 for the month.

I really couldn’t get to the ATM quick enough and we left the condo that night, even though we had paid for another two days. Instantly after unpacking we felt at ease and at home and I headed to the balcony to soak up the view of the soi below and our beach view. I really felt like we were on top of the world. With only a couple of buildings in our line of sight to the beach seeing parts of the ocean from our balcony was incredible. We were at the most 150 metres from the beach and all the action. Our balcony was equipped with two super comfy outdoor chairs that we made good use of.

Beach walk and ocean only 100 metres away.

Beach walk and ocean only 100 metres away.

Sukanya Guest House Itself

On reentering apartment I took my first good look around and started to note the rooms features for this review. Above the double sliding tinted doors (also two double sized screen doors) to the balcony we had an industrial size aircon that rarely ran for too long, it was so effective at cooling the entire place. This end of the apartment was the lounge room, equipped with a massive entertainment unit with heaps of storage, for all the kids school things and toys. A medium sized LCD t.v. with about 80 channels both in Thai and English, the t.v. also featured two USB ports, so we could watch all our own movies collected on our hard drives and devices. A massive leather setting with two armchairs and a three seater couch, made evenings and days hiding from the heat more than comfortable. The lounge was also equipped with a ceiling fan with lights and a pedestal fan.



On the other side of the unit was another wardrobe with hanging space and drawers which accommodated both our kids clothes. There was also a single bed in this part of the room, though we moved it into the lounge with still plenty of room left as we wanted to seperate it from the kitchen/dining area. The kitchen also had a ceiling fan with lights and a four seater dining table. The kitchen and dining area was also huge with room to spare and plenty of bench and cupboard space. We were provided with a small pantry style shelf unit, a microwave, toaster oven and plenty of crockery. All of which was in excellent condition.



The bathroom and toilet area were great and very roomy, with the hot water being instant and consistent. A modern clean flushing toilet and bathroom sink with mirror provided all we needed. The master bedroom was fantastic with a huge double bed with locking compartments in the headboard for keeping your passports etc safe all with their own locks and keys. An inbuilt light for night reading and shelves were extremely convenient, and the linen provided was all clean and bright and changed for the same weekly when our room was cleaned. We cleaned ourselves daily so this suited us though im sure if you required more and paid extra Micheal and his wife would accommodate your needs. The master bedroom had a dressing table and wardrobe with hanging space and drawers and also included a walk-in closet. The bedroom airconditioner was brand new and a pedestal fan ensured both ends of the apartment were incredibly comfortable.





During our stay at Sukanya Guest House we realised very little travel would be needed around Pattaya for us to access everything we needed. Two doors down was Sunny Laundry Service, there you could drop off an 8kg load of washing and have it washed, dried, folded and ready to pickup the next day in sealed bags for around 250 baht (approx $10 AUS). Be respectful the thai locals need to make money, but I advise to never pay the full price. After polite negotiation our price was dropped from the original 300 baht quote. If your budget is even tighter than ours you can save extra money in the next soi over and use the machines yourself for 49 baht for an 8 kg machine. We personally prefer to share around what we can with the locals and have made amazing friends this way.

The only reason we hired a scooter was for easy access to the supermarkets. The nearest Tesco was a couple of kilometres away but I found them to be lacking and always out of stock. The place we used was Makro which we found always to be in stock, with great prices and a huge selection. We did get there the first few times using scooter taxis approx 100 baht per trip or tuk tuk’s only 8 baht per ride, you would have to catch more than one to get where your going as they only travel set routes. I also needed the scooter to get Tallen to his Muay Thai lessons which were only a little further on from the Makro store.

We did most of our cooking at home and had to buy some extra cooking gear, A hotplate and a blender for fresh juices everyday, we also bought some saucepan sets. After informing Micheal some extra was needed, we offered him to buy our stuff off us for half the price we paid if we left it there. As usual he was more than reasonable whenever we discussed the rooms and always left us feeling satisfied.

Not only would we reccommend staying at Sukanya Guest House, we will be hoping its available the next time we are in Thailand. This is perfect family accommodation and priced incredibly well. You will struggle to find better value for money so close to the beach. You would also not find so many people like Micheal here running accommodation.

We have to rate this place 9.7 out of 10 and the very minor flaws are not even worth mentioning as they would not affect your stay at all.

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