Waroeng Tan Poh, Restaurant

Waroeng Tan Poh, “Under The Mango Tree”

This fast became one of our favourite regular eats last trip, during the day this place is cute, colourful and has a very warm atmosphere, just off the hustle and bustle of the main shopping strip and quite literally the centre of the tourist area.

During the day a perfect place to have a few( slightly wobbly ) casual games of pool and check out the completely restored original VW’s the owner is obviously a fan of.


photo 15

Our main goal this trip was to find value for money, so next time we tripped here with the kids we would have some budget wise options up our sleeves, where the food had already been tried and tested.

photo 18

I can honestly say this was a treat to find and opened our eyes to what can be hidden just off the well beaten paths in Bali.

Our first time dining here was an absolute joy, we arrived in the evening after having already seen the place earlier that day, it was the same place indeed but what a transformation.

photo 2

The vibrant colours were there still but somewhat subdued by the expansive, subtle romantic lighting in the mango trees overhead and on the tables. It really felt like a romantic dinner to me with zero effort.

photo 22

The menu here was fantastic, extensive and encompassing all the flavours you would find in many Bali restaurants combined. Serving both local and international cuisine.

The prices here were more than fair and the service absolutely fantastic, with the owners actually greeting us to tell us we had been missed( after our third meal there in a row we thought we should at least try elsewhere).

photo 25

I can assure you now when we next arrive in Bali and head to dine “Waroeng Tan Poh” the very first thing our host asks is If I’m having my usual satay chicken. Presented beautifully and tasting as good. I’ll be looking forward to it, indeed.

Food portions were great sizes and prices were just below the average median we found on the Kuta strip itself.

Food.         8.5/10

Price.          8.5/10

Visit again 10/10

Ambience: slightly romantic, very relaxing

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